The Cowboy Max Show is a comedy and stunt extravaganza for the whole family with trick roping, bullwhips and joke cracking. 

Howdy partner! Hold on to your hat and glasses, ‘cause there’s a new show in town (cue rolling tumbleweed). It’s the Wild West extravaganza “The Cowboy Max Show.” You’ll flip when you see the folks stampede to the show like a herd of cattle headin’ to the watering hole. From the first rope trick to the last whip crack, the audience will be mesmerized. 

This half hour to hour-long production (depending on your needs) packs a frontier-sized punch with trick roping, whip and joke cracking, magic, songs, and good old-fashioned values. One lucky audience member will even earn a badge as Cowboy Max’s new deputy. Let the Cowboy Max Show take you back to the days of the untamed frontier with Southern charm and western wit. You'll cheer the good guy as you enjoy an action-packed spectacle! So feast your eyes on The Cowboy Max Show, and you’ll see How The West Was Fun!

The Cowboy Max Show can be customized for any event. The interactive show is perfect to highlight certain guests or people of honor as someone is deputized and made a part of the show’s grand finale.